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Most CEO's today, don't make their money by providing goods and services to the market, they make the bulk of their money from stock buybacks financed (indirectly) by the central bank. The minute they decided to do the 2008 bailout, this was inevitable. The central bank set interest rates to zero for 10 years to "save the system". But the thing is, if your corporation (for example) was earning 7% per year, and the Fed is loaning into the market at 0-1% per year, then this guarantees that an infinite amount of money is going to flood into buying your stock till that value gets maxed out.

None of these corporations are beholden to the market anymore, they are all beholden to the system. Every last one of them is sucking the tit of the government imposed central bank to get their milk. Of course, not even stock buybacks can make your company survive if you can't produce anything of value for the market. But the system has a solution to this too, have the government effectively print up money and bail everybody out all the time. Once again, they have become more beholden to the government than ever.

However, the market is not just about a bunch of assholes throwing around money. The market is also a tool for clearing out behavior and actions that are unproductive for society. When the market isn't allowed to perform that clearing function, then unproductive behavior tends to grow out of control like a cancer, create instability, and overrun society. And behold, now we have woke culture and political insanity everywhere.

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Honeyko 6 points ago +6 / -0

The US federal government is the largest corporation; all the others are subsidiaries. Everybody in government is an employee of Cabal. All politicians are basically hired actors whose job is to convince the electorate that they have some say in things while otherwise rubber-stamping everything written by K-Street without reading it.

gunteh 5 points ago +5 / -0

I’d like to see how this applies to stocks like GME and AMC

TallestSkil 5 points ago +7 / -2

The federal reserve has been the government since 1913…

defiant_liberty [S] 6 points ago +6 / -0

In theory it's private, but in practice is a marriage made in hell. The government gives them a ready made banking cartel, and in return, they give the government endless cheap financing.

gunteh 5 points ago +5 / -0

A private group appointed by the Executive Branch of the US Gov...that’s the very definition of crony Capitalism.

DeutscheWeeb 2 points ago +2 / -0

I ask you to consider any private person/group that willingly engages with state actors to not be private, including big corporations.

cutefroggy 2 points ago +2 / -0

Is it really a marriage made in hell for them?

Elrond_Hubbard 4 points ago +4 / -0

Agreed. I would even feel safe claiming 'private corporations' have been the government since before America declared independence. It all just evolves with the times. .

But it's got to be one or the other for most people for some reason. Or more accurately, when corporations do something I don't like, it's evil capitalism. And when the government does something I don't like, it's evil tyranny. But if either do something they I do like then it's just the will of the people or whatever.

Pandas4Trump 3 points ago +4 / -1

That is literally the only thing you know about the Woodrow Wilson administration. How about you take a month off and actually read right-wing history instead of spamming 1488 talking points and idolizing King James

homestead_duh_future 4 points ago +4 / -0

Corporations are mostly passive beneficiaries existing in a system that they did not create, which incentivizes laziness, victim-hood, vanity, and punishes innovation, intelligence, creativity, and in general all productive behaviors, because productivity exposes massive group differences between people.

It's called Price's Law or the Pareto principle - the square root of an institution of people in a meritocracy produce half the value. So in a company of 10000 people, 100 produce half the value - and 10 people produce a quarter of the total value.

These people naturally will come to scientific and innovative discoveries that offend dumb people, as most progress does, and it will further offend dumb people that these innovations will not be equal by race and gender.

Thus, the successful are not allowed to be their natural, productive genius selves, so of course they are going to take advantage of the existing system to profit and hold on to their earnings (increasingly via bitcoin) in hopes of a better future. Sure, there are some purely evil people mixed in, like Bill Gates and anti-bitcoin Warren Buffet, but it would be slanderous to say the represent the whole of value creating, genius personalities.

Look at it from the corporations POV. You get anti-capitalist idiots after 12-16 years of education that you have funded via taxes, "free" money which makes risk taking virtually unfeasible because of your obligations to your shareholders, an overly hysterical population which can't tolerate facts and demands you lie to them by telling them they're virtuous for demanding free shit - you can go on and on - childless females looking for a "cause" to distract them from their insanity and loneliness, people gaming the system with labor lawsuits... (IP laws, anti-trust lawsuits, etc...)

So of course corporations are going to game the system instead of producing value. That's as expected as a socialist worker looking for shortcuts and being lazy instead of working night and day to improve his society without any incentive like an "ideal comrade."

You can't blame them. The system needs implode, and people need to learn again to suffer the consequences of believing massive unrealities before we can return to a productive landscape.