I've been thinking about how tor and anonymous networks need to be the standard internet for social communities, especially with potential for war looming, even being slightly inconvenient to the state could be costly.

The problem is that tor is almost entirely just crime. It's a big turn off to normal people even though normal people should be on it and shouldn't be writing any of their opinions on clearnet, no matter how innocuous they think their opinions are.

But perhaps I've just failed to find it seeing as the criminals have much more budget to spend on marketing and getting their name out there at every gateway into TOR because they actually have a dollar to make unlike people who simply want a free place to chat without contributing to the norm of submitting content to the most useful data-collection operation on the general public the government has ever had access to.

Has anyone heard of such forums?

I have heard about dread, but it's pretty much 90% down right now.

Brazilians are based (media.scored.co)
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ATM (media.communities.win)
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God has a certain nature, and part of that nature shows up in humanity in the form of free will. Because we have free will, we can choose beliefs, and preferences, and habits. Sine people tend to have a sociable nature, people of like beliefs, preferences, and habits tend to come together in groups that share those beliefs. That's what culture is about, and humanity has naturally evolved to be very comfortable in it's cultures. Some parts of culture is and must evolve to be universal by it's nature, and the test of time. For example, a culture that despises freedom and property rights will eventually destroy itself and rip itself apart while one that loves freedom and property rights will last and endure and be prosperous. Other parts of culture can be highly local, but lasting, for example my culture may love spicy foods, while yours doesn't. Nothing about those differences needs to change ever, our cultures can live side by side for a 1000 years in peace and harmony. In fact, the variety is probably preferable. Some parts of culture, we are raised in, like our language, others we choose.

For decades the left has tried to ruthlessly mold and manipulate culture, take interests we share like say "a nice clean environment", or a pretty sounding music, and use that like a bludgeon instrument to beat and coral us into cultures that destroy themselves, like socialism. But now the right is fighting back. To be honest, it's kind of refreshing. The culture of the right is a lot less susceptible to the abuse heaped on us by the left. That because the right tends to be based on cultures that have lasted the test of time, and so is naturally the most destructive socialist tendencies have been weeded out. Also, in the USA, the culture of the right is based on Christianity and the US constitution. Human free will is a tenant of most Christian beliefs, and freedom a tenant of the US constitution. Again,greatly limiting potential damage.

However, it's not what they are doing, but where they seem to be going. In stead of saying things like "social security is a worthless ponzi scheme that needs to be destroyed", I hear things like, "the culture has put a lot into you to build you up to who you are, if you want to partake of the benefits of the culture, like retirement help, you need to cultivate your duty to the culture as well and give into the culture that gives to you". That's bullshit, and it's ripe for abuse and turns culture on its head. In stead of being product of our choices and the wisdom of history, culture once again becomes a tool that bludgeons us into a socialist type agenda. Ironically, ripping apart the very culture that they deem necessary to protect.

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