How come we don't see more communities popping up for like-minded ancap people to live in.

I'd like to see communities like what you see with hippie communes but using ancap ideology to run the community. None of that socialist bullshit. I was thinking to purchase raw land on the outer edge of bigger cities and establish it as an RV park. This would allow people to still go to the city if they need to work.

Space rent would be very cheap like $25/month. Electricity - use solar panels or pay per KWH for grid power, water from a well and you pay for how much gallons you use. Internet would be shared community plan. Maybe you pay $1 for month for the shared internet plan or use your own private 3g/4g if you want something dedicated.

The community would be invitation only and for people that believe in ancap philosophy. Anyone causing problems in the community would be banned from the community.

Now we have a basic community of like minded individuals and can grow from there and start cutting out all the government bullshit. If you need your car repaired, you can use a mechanic in the community. The mechanic gets paid in cash. Need some household supplies? Likely someone has figured out how to get cheap supplies so you pay them for the supplies in cash and everyone wins.

Everyone wins in a situation like this because we get to cut out all the government bullshit imposed on us (taxes!).