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Intellectual_vanity 1 point ago +2 / -1

Why would I want to end the fed? Who else is going to drive up the need for bitcoin? Also, ending the fed would realistically cause riots as welfare would vanish overnight. Crime is horrible now. Imagine what would happen to the world economy if the most innovative, free people became crippled by violent conflict. It would hold opportunity for worldwide freedom back tremendously.

Austrians accept that in an inflationary cycle, business owners must participate in the boom in order to avoid getting out-competed by cheap goods. This is true globally for governments. If the US stops inflating, another country will see that as an opportunity to inflate and cheaply expand their economy and military and dominate world politics. What's better for the future of freedom. Communist china having more influence or the US having more influence?

Inflation is going to continue until we get a bitcoin-style standard, and as bad as you might feel the current situation is, the reality is that America is the preferred choice because we have free communication, relatively free trade, free speech, free IP, diversity and tolerance of other cultures - so we're the best choice for the rest of the world to interact with. If you think countries like China, Russia, or India are going to let their innovations flow around the world as easily as the US does, I think most people in those countries would completely disagree with you and be annoyed that your white-knighting might ruin their chance at freedom and financial success.