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I think such a list should exist and should be publicly available. Ideally I would annotate the list but I don't consider that a priority for this stage. Just names is all I'm looking for at this point, but if you happen to have a link handy I'll take it. I'll be asking for help with this on multiple sites and in the end I'll share it with each site that helps.

Names I have so far off the top of my head:

Joe Biden, pushed for mandates in both the public and private sector as a requirement for being employed.
Bill Gates, On multiple instances news anchors advocated universal lockdowns until everyone was vaccinated and Bill Gates expressed support for the idea.
Justin Trudou, actually implemented mandates as a requirement to employment.

Like I said, comprehensiveness is the actual goal. I'll take anyone besides your cousin who said something at Thanksgiving dinner. Any article written, statement made on TV, tweet, or policy implemented in public or private sector, the goal is to get all of it. I'll likely put more work into after asking around but a good seed list will help me recognize that this is a list people want.

Nothing is going to be done with this list specifically. This is just a list for everyone to have.