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This is in response to a post in here I saw. Haven't checked here in awhile. Didn't want my response to be buried in a month old posts comment section, the people here really need to post more often.

Anyway for the guns against tyranny thing you need to draw a line in the sand that can't be crossed no matter what. Even if the boil the pot is used and the enemy only pushes a little bit we have that line in the sand to hold firm against. If the normies are too stupid and there is no widespread resistance then well "boating accidents" are a thing. Any one on here know on what the government requires to prove you lost your gun.

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First off, none of this is legal advice. This is also assuming non-criminal behavior, so the book is clear on what to do with actual lost or stolen guns. Also keep in mind that if you’re trying to do something by the book, that it means exposing yourself (you’re putting yourself out there for legal ramifications. If you lie and get caught, you deserve what you get). According to the ATF, here’s their recommendations for lost or stolen firearms:

Reporting for Non-FFLs

ATF does not take reports of stolen firearms from private citizens:

If you are an individual needing assistance in obtaining a serial number for a firearm, ATF is unable to assist private citizens in locating serial numbers as there is no national registration system. One of the following options may assist you:

  1. Contact the firearms dealer where you purchased the firearm.

  2. If the firearms dealer is out of business and your inquiry is in reference to a stolen firearm, contact your local police department. It is possible they will submit a request to the National Tracing Center for a Records Search Request assuming the circumstances are connected to a bona fide criminal investigation.

  3. Contact your state firearms registration office if your state has one.

First, call your local law enforcement agency to report the theft or loss. Contacting the local law enforcement authorities is essential to the quick recovery of firearms taken in a crime.

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If one was trying to minimize visibility you could sell off anything on the books now to get maximum return vs. later turn-in-payout if that was even offered. Use the proceeds to purchase 80% (person to person, cash only) while gathering all the needed parts to finish + mags & ammo again for cash.You could also buy a 3D printer, filament supplies, as well as anything needed to produce selected items from here -


And, never speak about it again once going down that path.

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I don’t get what you’re trying to ask here. Are you asking for methods to cover your tracks and “disappear” your private property, or are you asking about where to draw the line in the sand on tyranny?

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Well, I answered the second part in another post, but if you’re looking for your line in the sand, it’s not coming anytime soon.

Besides, why have a line in the sand when you’re probably going to be the last person with guns when that line is finally crossed? If you’re waiting for someone else to give you instructions, you’re never going to get instructions. The truth is a lonely road.

We’re all boiled to a degree, that’s why nobody fights for the injustices of the past.

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An unfortunate truth it would seem

Regardless everyone on here is probably already on an FBI watch list.

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What people sometimes don't realize with the guns vs. tyranny thing is you have to act collectively, as part of a well organized militia, with the backing and support of powerful players.

When the feds are at your door to seize your weapons, it's already too late.

Some ancaps are weak when it comes to collective organizing (feels too much like a "state") and think they can just defend themselves and their property on their own.

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