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Josemarti 2 points ago +2 / -0

This website has gone in phases and I don’t know the overall strategy. I don’t know if it’s about free speech.

I don’t know how long you been using this platform. I’ve been using this since the middle of 2020. This platform started whenever the Donald started getting banned on Reddit. I didn’t start using to get as the website seemed kind of strange with its forums and I couldn’t quite make sense of it. Closer to the election I started visiting it regularly. Now some kind of drama happened with the owners and they change the name from the Donald to patriots. Now a little bit after this they started introducing communities. The communities that they introduced were generic and all nonpolitical. As you can see there are animals photos sports and gaming. Of those they added the only one I may click on is funny. Of two that seem to have initially came from Reddit is this one and consume product. So I never went on soon product when it was on Reddit and I’m guessing this ancaps was on Reddit. Though I’ve never been impressed with libertarian content on Reddit. I almost always felt there was infighting between different libertarian groups of different stripes on Reddit. But what I could see them banning other kinds of right-wing material on Reddit I knew they would go after libertarian content as well. Now this content couldn’t be further from there’s but we all know it all gets labeled all the same anyway. Now for a time here on communities win they began trying to add other banned or quarantined sub reddits here with little to no success. Though it seems that lots of people did migrates here from voat or ruckis. Now I tried using voat a little bit when they migrated from cringe anarchy on Reddit. But that was too muc for me. Now we have the ability to create our own win which will move to score. Host from announcements that I wrote in the first comment the people who seem most receptive of this move are all ethno nationalists. It doesn’t seem as if the people happiest about the move our some kind of MAGA Trump supporter. Now there are different stripes of libertarians on these websites but there’s not a single site that they use like they don’t use ancaps. You might just see their comments on Patriots.

I’d like to know if the goal is free speech. This site has gone in different waves up and down over the last couple of years. And it seemed as if we can see what they were trying to do with it. Though now it seems likely that the site is really going to cater to the different stripes of white nationalists. And though that’s not certain it seems that that’s really what the white nationalists are really hoping for. White nationalists of different stripes have been on consume product for a long while. And though the site was supposed to be about anti-consumerism they link different issues of consumerism in society with Jews and immigration. So as far as they see it there views of white nationalism are an extension to their views on Jews, Blacks, other groups, transsexuals, pedophiles, and lack of Christian values. So when people bring up that site doesn’t have that focus of anti-consumerism they’ll argue that those things are anti-consumerism and once you go from being an anti-consumerist then you later evolve into a low white nationalist and you want a trap wife and you lift weights in this kind of thing. So that’s what’s taken over that site and they hope to have this happen with the wins. The reason I say all this about consume product is because those are the voices strongest for what it seems like the direction for these websites might be. They’re the ones who are making the new wins in trying to push those ideas throughout. So when you see a .Win like c/parallelsocieties there might be useful information for all but some of the main users there and add been are hoping that the people that interact with those posts will be white and that’s the kind of culture they want to push throughout the sites. Maybe it will be about free speech but I think that’s the admin might be really catering to their ideologies.

Do you think that the move is all about free speech?