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So in our current political environment, you have the Republicans, the Democrats, and the Libertarians are some 3rd distant fringe party. But the thing is, our society would be way better off if you had the Republicans, the Libertarians, and the Democrats as some 3rd distant fringe party.

I honestly think that goal is within reach, and I also think that most Republicans would agree with me on this. It might not only be possible for the Libertarians to be pulled into the mainstream, but to have the complete cooperation of the current mainstream Republicans who would also see this as in their strategic best interest.

Just a thought.

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you might as well wish for money to grow on trees. Human nature or even mammalian nature is that most mimic others and are therefore easily influenced and lead - sometimes led to their destruction or enslavement.

Krishnamurti, a dead atheist guru, is long-winded, but his ideas about society being a ball and chain are spot on. Trouble is, most people want that ball and chain.