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The future belongs to those who have the competitive advantage.

Human beings compete in many fields: financial success, popularity, reputation, the spread of ideas, biological reproduction, etc. And, sometimes, simply through violence.

Sadly just being ethical and being right isn't enough... People who are unethical and wrong can simply kill you, out-breed you, etc - and the future will belong to them...

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People addicted to government will say anything for the benefit of their addiction.

They will throw whatever insults give them the greatest emotional satisfaction, like some monkeys throw poo - no matter how detached from reality those words may be. Advocating for individual freedom makes you Literally Hitler, a cannibal, a zombie, etc...

Some people cannot be persuaded. That is their loss.

Focus on creating the alternative systems,. When your success is obvious, the people who've previously insulted you will end up claiming it was their idea all along... (This is why preserving immutable conversation history is so important.)

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It would be very hard to persuade me that "private cities" under the thumb of the US Federal Government can be truly independent. It's like the SEZ in Commie China, and even Hong Kong - they ultimately ended up profiting the Communists.

Unless we can have a Free County Project that does much better than the Free State Project, our best hope is for seasteading - and, yes, someday space.

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We may need something stupid if we are to reach the masses.

The only thing we need from "the masses" is for them to stop raping us and let us secede. For that there's nothing better than the story of Moses in the Bible. Let my people go!

We don't need any divine intervention or plagues, but we do need to demonstrate dedication. A movement of non-violent non-cooperation against imposed socialism, tax resistance, and willingness to go to jail (a la Gandhi) would be ideal. I've been doing this since 2004, wishing I wasn't alone...

The "early adopters" of libertarian start-up micronations will be high-IQ liberty lovers with a rare combination of other traits. Even a few thousand of such people would be enough with a decent plan...

I had high hopes for the Free State Project 12-16 years ago (if only people listened to me about focusing on a smaller unpopulated area for Private Land Secession), but came to be very disappointed. Now seasteading is our greatest hope, and that would be even better...

So we need civil disobedience and secession literature for the willing and able, initially <1%...

As for a libertarian Atlas Shrugged, does Withur We suffice?

I've only vaguely heard of Withur We. It's on my reading list, which is already a mile long, and more popular titles with audio-books tend to get priority...

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Harry Potter is stupid.

Write the libertarian Atlas Shrugged.

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“Anyone I don’t like is a communist”

Communists exist. Billions of them.

I was born in the USSR, and I've seen how it works firsthand.

We are the greatest threat to their power, and they are attacking us.

They control trillions of dollars worth of military and intelligence organizations.

They have a long well-documented history of propaganda, counter-intelligence operations, false-flag provocations, and other deceptive information warfare.

Which part of this do you fail to comprehend?

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Britain didn't need to "become fascist". It's not black and white.

But didn't have to lick Stalin's scrotum and start a war of aggression against the Anti-Comintern Pact in 1939.

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With our Monad

Offensive to Haskell programmers.

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C'mon, this is AnCap. We're supposed to pretend that the two parties are absolutely positively equally evil. Because squirrel.

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Believing in a "libertariain left" is like believing in an elephant hovering over your head (in normal gravity, with nothing to support it).

  • Under auth-left, all power is held by the state.

  • Under lib-right, all power is held by Individual Rights - including strong Property Rights, Parents Rights, Contract Rights, etc. This is only possible in a sufficiently educated high-IQ society, with an advanced market that includes non-profit organizations, "open source" investigative agencies, private defense agencies, arbitration agencies, etc.

  • Under auth-right, all power is held by the state... except maybe, if you get good Pinochets in charge, they may permit some degree of Individual Rights. It's way better than auth-left, but still a matter of faith that power won't corrupt...

  • Under lib-left, all power is held by magick. But in reality it's a bloodbath until either a Stalin or a Hitler takes over.

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Fascism >>>>>>>>>>> whatever the fuck going on rn in the world

That is a faith-based statement.

Give me the Ring Of Power, Frodo!

I will only use it to do good!!!1

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The hottest porn image on the Internet!!! ???

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"LGBT" is practically incompatible with NAP.

"LGBT" (and even "gay") are marketing terms invented by left-wingers to legitimize various forms of mental illness. They are their top new activist class, who owe their place in society and their very self-esteem to government force, and they would do anything to defend the state.

That movement has no sustainable identity except what was given to them by the left. Take away government force, and people will be free to criticize and discriminate against them in their rational self-interest. No sane person wants their children corrupted by mentally ill perverts.

I do not hate anyone, and I encourage people to resist their illnesses and pursue virtue - something that the left-wing thugs have now made illegal.

Both reproductive biology and the free market are different applications of the same emergent evolutionary forces.

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"Qanon" is left-wing propaganda to create a false narrative about what Trump supporters believe.

Anyone claiming to believe in Qshit should be assumed to be a communist troll.

It's possible that some mentally ill people went along with it, with the average IQ just south of the Flat Earth Society, but who the fuck cares about them. All retards should be counted as communists, regardless of their intentions.

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Do you even know what fascism is?

Fascism is the pragmatic auth-right political system invented by White Russians in 1917-22, as they were desperately trying to resist the Communist takeover of their country. It then spread to Italy, Germany, and elsewhere after they fled to the West.

FDR and Churchill were communist puppets who fought on the wrong side of WW2. But afterwards the West came to their senses and re-created Hitler's Anti-Comintern Pact (now called NATO).

Fascism was practiced in all countries that successfully resisted Communism, including Spain, Portugal, South Korea, Taiwan, Chile, etc - all US allies. Most implemented some form of """democracy""" theater after the Communist danger had passed.

Fascism is a union of private interests united in a higher-level corporation that is the state. The best example of fascism today is Singapore - the most successful country in the world. Anarcho-Capitalism will likely be a myriad of little voluntary states like Singapore competing with each-other, without any need for the """democracy""" bullshit as long as people are free to vote with their feet.

It failed. It sucks.

No, it's the most successful political system in history.

Shut up mussolinifag

An insult doesn't cover up the fact that you're losing the argument.


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He made an intelligent argument.

You made an insult.

He wins.

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why can't you fuck off to fascism.win or something, socialist

Pragmatic opposition to socialism (fascism) is socialism, got it. ?

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Look at the existing freedom rankings:


There isn't a category for "real estate" exactly, but you can look at "land" and several others.

Nothing in the USA is anywhere close to free. Political migration and secession (ex seasteading) is the only way forward.

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There are limits to government power.

It is a faith-based institution, based on the popular belief in its necessity and benevolence. Take away that faith, and they have nothing but trillions in debt and hundreds of millions of angry "citizens" demanding free stuff.

Whenever governments do stuff like Waco and Ruby Ridge, they risk the sheep starting to question their benevolence. Those incidents involved very small amounts of people who did a lot of foolish things - we can do a lot better, starting with Gandhiesque principles and 21st century telecommunications. Their ability to censor the Internet is also limited to low-IQ phonetards; smart people know a way around it.

Smart, principled, freedom-loving people will always be in minority, but even a few thousand of us would be enough for a determined peaceful secession movement. I've been a tax resister since 2004, waiting for the rest of you to catch up to me. ?

The Free State Project was a good idea that went bad (because no one listens to poor Alex Libman, boo hoo) - we have to learn from their mistakes and try again!

We just need a small crack in the dam, one little Liechtenstein that gains sovereignty. It's best to target an island with nearly no local population (plenty of those in Alaska, for example - my first choice for the FSP). Once one tiny libertarian secession movement is successful, there will be thousands and then millions more!

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As in minarchists themselves are more successful or minarchism running over the ancap model will draw more successful people towards the government?


As a zillion micronations compete, the top brains and capital relocate for their self-interest. It's reasonable to make such predictions based on clear historical trends, but no one has a "crystal ball". I am an empiricist, I want those experiments to play out, and everyone will analyze the data and decide for themselves. The Free Market / Evolution will decide...

There is a positive correlation between intelligence and success in a free market (or at least appreciation of the free market). There are still lots of exceptions, because a lot of high-IQ people make themselves dependent on government funding (teachers' unions, college professors, government-funded R&D). But they still need more high-IQ people in the private sector to pay the taxes, and to maintain the faith in government currency and credit. Those exceptions would decrease as the private sector grows more in freer jurisdictions, and government funding ultimately dries up.

If it's the latter, I really am not seeing the best in government. Usually the successful are in the market working, right?

When you have enough intergovernmental competition and people voting with their feet and wallets, any "government" then becomes "voluntary governance", just another corporation. Not that much difference between managing say a private cruise line and managing a seastead, or between Disneyland and San Marino.

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We now lived in the nuclear age and we couldn't afford another rise of a "Hitler".

We've had the rise of a dozen communist tyrannies a lot worse than Hitler.

There is a reason why we are bring labelled domestic terrorist.

Which is why we need to advocate and show absolute non-violence.

That's exactly why they would never allow it.

They had to allow US secession from the British Empire, and the crumbling away of all other colonies. Even the Soviet Union had to break up when the faith in its benevolence was lost.

The only chance we have of surviving the commies is by taking their funding and infrastructure. 100's of trillions of $$$ in wealth.

I can only deny them the fruits of my own labor. I've been a tax resister since 2004. If even 5% of the population did what I did, socialism would be on its knees...

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What are your opinions about age of consent? What is the age of consent? What should it be?

18 years.

That's 568,024,668 seconds.

29.2 Venus years, etc.

Like all standards it is arbitrary, but very much needed.

There should be means of achieving earlier emancipation from one's parents / guardians, or for that emancipation to be delayed after 18 in case of a mental handicap, but there should still be a default.

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Yup, I've audiobooked pretty much everything by Neal Stephenson. Good stuff.

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An AnCap is anyone who is willing to abide by the Non-Aggression Principle.

It includes social conservatives who are willing to set their rules on a non-governmental level. In practice social conservatism would proliferate quite well under NAP, because being rational about family and finances goes hand-in-hand.

So the question is, why do you need Federal Government to restrict child prostitution? Or maybe you need World Government? I think local governance can handle that just fine.

Most people care about child safety, so free market child protection charities would be very well funded, and far more efficient than the state.

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